The roof of your shipping container is exposed to a lot of stress. From accumulated debris to harsh weather, several factors can take a massive toll on your shipping container’s roof. Because of that, you have to pay close attention to this portion of your container to guarantee that it will last for a long time without needing any repair. Here are some of the tips that you can do to your roof to maintain and prolong its life: 

Eliminate surface rust and visible dirt 

Utilizing an anti-mildew solution, bleach, or commercial wetting agent, as well as a broom and hose, can help remove all the dirt and rust that you can find on the roof of your container.  

Do regular roof inspection 

It is vital to maintain and take care of your residential roof on a regular basis, which also applies to ship containers. Then, such dents usually accumulate rainwater, which often results in corrosion on chipped paint. If you can find any dents, then make sure to have it fixed immediately and treat them with paint that is rust-proof to protect it from corrosion. Also, check up on your roof more frequently to make sure that it is a damage- and debris-free. 

Eliminate snow, ice, water, and debris 

Since the roof of shipping containers are pretty sturdy and durable, it would still be a great idea to help things along by eliminating standing snow, ice, and water that begin to buildup on its roofing for a long time. When you neglect pooling water on your roof, this can result in the accumulation of moisture, thinning metal, or rust. To be safe, it’s best to clean off the container’s roof after every weather event takes place.  

Never put too much weight pressure on top of its roofing 

Your container’s structural integrity really depends on the corner casting’s strength—basically the container’s reinforced corners—rather than the roof itself. Remember that when you store heavy materials or you walk across the roof, there’s a tendency that it’ll flex and bow. When you want to have rooftop storage or access, ask your shipping container provider to have its roof reinforced.  

Purchase your container from a trusted source 

Given that there are myriads of shipping containers in the market that you can purchase anytime, it is imperative that you check and inspect the quality of your selected container. Moreover, you have to be guaranteed about the manufacturer’s capabilities before you decide to buy. Guarantee that the container is in great condition. Know the container’s age and search for any signs of dents and damage. Basically, what you need is a company that provides carefully hand-picked and quality containers in town. 

Contact a reputed shipping container provider today 

If you’ve got any inquiries about how to buy or rent a container for your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or any project you have in mind, never hesitate to look for only the trusted shipping container provider today.