Molds are dangerous and do you know that it grows on your carpet? Molds grow fast in any area where moisture and oxygen are present. Generally, molds are not harmful, because molds help in the decomposition process. However, mold grown indoor are harmful especially when you have children at home. Molds produce allergens, irritants or worst, toxic substance. This could trigger allergic reactions, irritations and intoxication if touch or inhale mold spores, especially if you are a sensitive one. These reactions come with different symptoms like sneezing, skin rash and red eyes. Molds can also get into your eyes, skin, nose and lungs whether you are allergic or not. Thus, molds should be removed as early as possible on your carpet because if left unaddressed, you might replace your carpet as well.

Molds can only be removed on the carpet if it only grew in a small area but if it already grew in a larger area, cleaning is not an option but replacement. To prevent this, you should check your carpet regularly. It is easy and quick to identify small areas of mold growth in your carpet. The most common remedy is to clean the carpet thoroughly using detergent. After washing, it is best that you sundry it so that there will be no room for moisture and recurring growth of molds. If detergent does not work, you can use stronger cleaning agents but make sure that it will not damage your carpet. Check the reaction of the strong agent fist in old rugs to prevent discoloration or any form of damage will be prevented.

If the molds already destroyed a section of the carpet, it is best to cut or removed the damaged part of the carpet. When after cleaning attempts, molds are still growing wider, this is a better solution to prevent the whole carpet from being damages. You can also use patches to cover up the removed part. This is only a good idea too if you are not mindful of the aesthetics because the seam of the patched part will really be visible.

If the molds were already growing on an area about more than couple of feet, cleaning and patching would not be effective because it will only be a matter of time before molds could destroy your whole carpet. If the molds uncontrollable, it is not also healthy for your family. That is why, you should consider by this time replacing your carpet and start maintaining the moisture in your home. When you already have a new carpet, you can consider hiring carpet cleaning Colorado services. Professional cleaners have devices that can detect mold growth in the earliest time. A regular carpet cleaning is also a must to preserve the life of your carpet and your pocket.

Carpets are one of the best parts of your home. You should make sure that is always clean, not just to look good but to make sure that your family is safe from possible reactions and illness that a dirty carpet could cause.